think of our classes more like sharing a personal trainer
with a few of your good friends
Here are all the ways we strengthen, tone, LIFT and lengthen you - take your pick. Our one-of-a-kind classes are expertly led by the most knowledgeable and motivating team of instructors on top of the line equipment. Oh, and did we mention we play the best music in town? Come discover your new favorite workout!

Megaformer™ Pilates - All Levels

This is NOT your traditional Pilates!
Coreology Fitness is the only place in the Southbay where you'll find Megaformer™ Pilates! This 45 minute shirt-drenching full body workout will jumpstart your metabolism and improve your strength, endurance and flexibility while changing your body composition and burning fat. Don't be intimidated, anyone can do this workout. Our instructors are well versed at helping you find the modifications and variations that work for your body and ability so you can achieve the very best results! We don't want to bore you with the science but if you're interested in learning more about this revolutionary workout CLICK HERE
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Dump your traditional spinning class and come join our high energy, results- driven indoor cycling classes performed on the top-of-the-line CycleOps Pro™ cycle
Imagine this... the music is loud, the energy is high. It's just you and the road and your best buddies cheering you on. The sweat starts rolling off your face, your legs start to burn and you're in your "zone". The endorphins are pumping through your body and you're high off the feeling. Before you know it class is over and you've burned a record breaking amount of calories. It's not a dream, it's CoreCYCLE. *To get the most out of your cycling workout we recommend a pair of cycling shoes with SPD compatible cleats
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TRX™ Total Body Training

Born in the Navy SEALs, TRX Training develops strength, balance, flexibility and core training simultaneously.
Our TRX™ Total Body Training classes uses bodyweight and gravity to create lean and lithe bodies. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself during each exercise - because you can simply change your body position to increase or decrease resistance. Ditch the dumbbells and start building strength from head to toe.

Come reap the benefits from the workout used by elite athletes around the world (and regular super-fit guys too).

"TRX is awesome. It helps me with my core and helps me stay lean, rather than getting bulky." Dahntay Jones - Denver Nuggets
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Workout like a dancer. No coordination or flexibility excuse?
Dancers have awesome bodies. Guess what? So can you! This is NOT your typical boring barre class. This is a Coreology exclusive "'" kind of class. Expect something new in each class, we never use the same routines (we like to keep it fresh like that). We combine cardio, light resistance, high repetition and our signature barre moves to give you a tight, supertoned physique in no time at all.
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Total Body Tabata

Known as "the world's greatest fat burning workout"
"Earn your body". That's exactly what we do in our signature Tabata classes. 20 seconds high intensity. 10 seconds rest. Repeat. This class is a highly effective interval training class involving plyometric and functional exercises. Not for those beginning a workout routine. However, good things come to those who work so this class is a definite must-add to your routine. You have never felt as good as you will at the end of this powerhouse workout.
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Core-3 (cardio.barre.pilates)

the best of 3 classes in one class. done.
Triple workout power. Another "Coreology Exclusive", this class combines calorie blasting High Intensity Cardio, body sculpting and lengthening, and a heavy dose of abdominal strengthening all in one energetic punch.

*Please bring shoes for the cardio portion
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PURE stretch

Feels as good as a massage. Maybe better.
This 45 minute class on the Megaformer will focus on stretching and flexibility to increase range of motion and prevent injuries. A great way to relieve muscle soreness, tightness and tension. We can't stress enough how great this class is, you'll have to come try it out yourself.
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no explanation needed. just plain ahhhmazing.
At Coreology Fitness we offer a laid back, non-competitive approach to this 5,000 year old practice. Modifications to satisfy both beginners and seasoned yogis alike. If you've been intimidated by yoga in the past now is the time to try it out. Already a yogi? Great! Come join us and let's strike a balance between athleticism and relaxation.
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Other Classes

Is that all you offer? Um, no.
We believe in keeping our workouts fresh and exciting so we are always adding new and different classes. Be sure to check our online schedule by clicking on the "Schedule" tab up top to stay up to date with the new classes offered.
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Intro Specials

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Class Packages

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Single Class $25
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5-Class Pack $110
10-Class Pack $200
20-Class Pack $360


Value passes require a 3-month commitment and automatic credit card payment
Value Pass - 2 classes/week
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Value Pass - 3 classes/week
(12 classes in 30 days)
Value Pass - UNLIMITED
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